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Volume 9 - June 2011/May 2012

AMUR MAPLE                                                             $ 80.00
(Multi-trunks - 8 feet tall)
Small maple grown in clump form.  Dark green leaves can turn red in the fall.
Does well in poor soils only with adequate moisture.  Can be used as a large hedge or screen.                                                

AUTUMN BLAZE                                                                $120.00
(2  - 2.5") Caliper   12- 15  feet tall
This tree is noted for its spectacular crimson red fall color.

CADDO MAPLE                                                                $100.00
(1 - 2 ) Caliper   10 - 13 feet tall
2008 Tree of the year for Kansas.  Excellent tolerance of heat, wind and drought.

CRAP APPLE - (Prairifire)                                                $ 55.00                 
(1 - 1 " ) Caliper 8 feet tall
Good resistance to disease.  Purple to bronze foliage with rosy red flowers, small fruit. 

CHINKAPIN OAK                                                                $100.00
(1 - 2 1/2") Caliper    12 - 15 feet tall.
Saw-tooth leaves that are rich green and turn yellow to bronze in the fall.  Seldom troubled by diseases or pests.

PIN OAK                                                                          $85.00
(1 - 2") Caliper, 10 feet tall
Good shade tree with unique symmetrical shape and dense branches.  Dark
Green foliage that turns rusty colored in the fall.                         

REDBUD (Old Fashion with pink blossoms                                $70.00
(3 - 5") Caliper    8 feet - 10 feet tall

RED MAPLE - (Acer Rubrum)                                                $80.00
(2.0 - 4.0" ) Caliper    12 - 15 feet tall                2 or more
Mature Height 50-75ft Width 40-70ft.                                        $70.0
                           Grows vigorously where space is ample.  An attractive ornamental tree with brilliant splashes of red and yellow in the autumn.  Transplants readily and adaptable over a wide range of climate and soils, from wet to dry and tolerates partial shade
Foliage is 2-5 inches and yellow to brilliant scarlet in fall.

RED OAK                                                                        $85.00
(1 - 1 1/2") Caliper
A large upright rounded tree.  Dark green foliage.  Leaves turn red in fall.
Needs to be planted in  well-drained soil.

RIVER BIRCH - (Betula Nigra) - Heritage                                $85.00
Single Truck             (2.0 - 3.0") Caliper  15 feet tall
             Mature Height 40-50ft.                
             Width 30-35ft.                
Improved bark color and vigor.  Better resistance to bronze birch borer than white-barked birches.  Transplants well.  Prefers moist, well drained acid soils.
Two inch glossy dark green foliage, turn briefly yellow in fall.

SUGAR MAPLE - (Acer Saccharum)                                        $80.00
(1 - 3") Caliber           12 to 15 feet tall
Mature Height 60-80ft.
            Width   40-70ft.
Dense foliage develops into fall colors of yellow, orange or red.  Does best in well-drained soil.  Shade tolerance allows it to be interplanted among older trees.

SWEET GUM                                                                $80.00
(2.0- 3")  Caliper     10 feet - 15 tall               
Mature Height 50-75ft
       Width   30 feet at age 30
Good tree for lawns or streets where space is adequate.  Popular because of its bright fall colors and symmetrical crown when young.  Has 4" to 7" glossy green, star shaped foliage with brilliant variable shades of green, yellow, scarlet and purple in the fall.

SAND CHERRY                                                                $25.00
5 to 8 feet tall Purple leaves with pink blossoms in spring.


               $55.00 - 3-5 ft
               $65.00 - 5-7 ft
               $75.00 - 7-10 ft
Beautiful dark green long-needled Christmas, ornamental and windbreak tree.  Extremely hardy plant.  Tolerates poor soils, dry soils and air pollution.

BLUE SPRUCE                                                                $130.00        
Any size- 3 - 6 ft.

BLACK HILL SPRUCE - 6 to 8' Tall                                        $100.00                Mature height 30 - 60 feet
Mature crown 15 - 25 feet

NORWAY SPRUCE - 6' to 8' Tall                                        $100.00


The base price for moving one tree is $75.00.  If two or more trees are purchased the base price is $60.00.  Along with the base price listed there is an additional charge based on the ease or difficulty of tree placement on property and a roundtrip mileage per tree purchased.  Mileage over 20 miles round trip requires an additional fee.  Bob will bid out the total cost for moving trees based on the above information.

Hourly rate for moving established trees on property is $65.00 per hour.  Approximately 2 - 3 trees can be moved per hour based on ease or difficulty of job.  Additionally, a roundtrip mileage fee will be charged to the job site.

NOTE:  All of our nursery stock listed with pricing has been grown in our fields - nothing has been imported from other nurseries.  We can however, secure other tree varieties.

Trees can be selected and tagged to be held for planting based on the season and ground conditions.  At the time of tree selection a deposit will be required.  The amount of deposit required will be based on the quantity of trees selected.  Trees will be held with deposit for only one fall/spring planting season.

When the job is completed, payment in full is expected when the invoice is received.  We gladly accept checks or cash.

Once the tree is planted on your property, we will inform you of the proper care of your tree.  Due to factors beyond our control, there is not a warranty with the trees.